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The Girl Who Waited For Her Soulmate.

I'm just an 18yo girl, standing in front of a boy and asking him to love me 'till the end of our life we'll spend together.

Hello bloggers !

Posted on December 23 2013 by gallifreygirl in Muse, Doctor Who, Whoniverse, Actualities

Hi !

In this first article, I will present myself.

First, I'm a french student, and english isn't my first language and I don't speak it well at all (and you must have already seen it in this two sentences). I'm 18 years old and I have a boyfriend that I love more than everything what makes me talk like an innocent person that I'm not really.

Here, I will talk about what people want me to talk, it will be for me a chance to work on my english level and for all of you a chance to hear more about different subjects. I think I will try to post one article a week, but that's not for sure, I'm a student and I don't have the time I want with the exams all the time, plus that's the year of my graduation.

You can also tell me when I made mistakes in my post (in private it will be kind, but I will assume and I will handle it if you do it in public).

You can ask me to talk about the subject you want in the case "contact me" or in a message who answers to any post.

If you don't, I will talk about life, Muse and Doctor Who, or whatever I find and I like.

Bye ! I hope you'll enjoy reading me. :)

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