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New Year is coming !

Posted on December 24 2013 by gallifreygirl in Actualities

Hi !

Today I will talk about the new year, who's coming every year, and this... before christmas eve...

At first, is it traditional or commercial ?

Some people will say traditional, thinking about songs like We wish you a merry christmas who talk about the two festivities who ends up every year.

Personally, I think it's commercial, with all the texts who are sent at the same time. But for a lot of people, it's also a moment to think that there is hope, that everything can change this year. As if everything from the past year was gone, all the pain, ect. That's something to think you can control your future and have a better life.

Well, if you think like that, I will tell you something very important, that you need to understand right now : THIS. IS. NOT. GOING. TO HAPPEN.

Or, at least, not only with the thought it will change. You need to work on it, not only think "time will change me and make me change my life", that's illusional.

So, what do I need to do for new year if it will never change my life ?

Well, for most of you, it will be a party with lots of people you don't even know, lots of alcohol, during all night and you will wake up in a place you don't even know. What I can say for you, it's only to enjoy the party, make every ridiculous things you can't do the rest of the year without being seen... well like a really freak person.

And if you are alone or you don't want to clean up the next day, I have a solution I tested last year with some friends : Skype. It's free and you don't have to do a transfer of all your images from your camera to your computer to share them, you take a screen, your friend don't see you take it and you have the picture of your friend you will show him in 10 years and he will be so embarrassed... perfect !

Also, when your parents don't want you to go out or your friends are in different places, that's a very simple thing to make it as if they were actually here.

Bye ! I hope you will enjoy reading me. :)

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