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The Time Of The Doctor - Doctor Who special episode

Posted on December 25 2013 by gallifreygirl in Doctor Who, Whoniverse, Actualities

So... what's about the latest episode of Doctor Who ? For the ones who didn't seen it, don't even think a moment what I will wrote wouldn't spoil you the all episode. In clear : STOP READING THIS NOW !!!!!!

So this is the end of Matt Smith, we will never see him again as the Doctor... except if they do like for David Tennant.

I think the episode was really brilliant ! It has the particularity to give more answers than ever and to give more questions than ever too, a real paradox.

First : River didn't give him more regenerations when she give him hers.

Two : So Peter Capaldi must be the last Doctor

Three : Wait... THIS ARE THE LAST SEASON(S) OF DOCTOR WHO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Four : Steven Moffat. We'll ask you politely and with calm. Please. Please make something to this. Please, we don't want him to go... we don't want Doctor Who to end !!!! At least, if we loose the Doctor, the world is probably going to die and our children will burn during the Third World War because Daleks and Cybermans will take the world and missed up everything.

And seriously, who wasn't happy to see Amelia again ? I didn't read anything about the episode with all the spoils who was on the net, I was so surprised, it was so sweet !! That's an episode like a fairy tail, and Clara when she hold her grandma because she was crying... I admit it, I cried too ! But the episode is so not finished, there is so more to see and explain... that's another reason to find a way to make the show going on again and again !

Now, questions : Trenzalore, is it really where the Doctor dies ? If it is, we'll see another episode in Trenzalore then ? Do we have a chance that Doctor Capaldi goes for a visit to see the Ponds again ? And more important : Do we have a chance to see River again ?

Now, wait to september (?) to see another episode seems very long... can't wait to see if he redecorate the TARDIS and his new screwdriver, and how will he play, and... JUST A NEW EPISODE OR A TRAILER OF NEXT SEASON AS SOON AS POSSIBLE FOR THE WHOVIANS !!!!!

Bye ! Hope my english wasn't so bad and it wasn't boring if you read me. :)

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