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Exams are going to KILL ME !!!!!

Posted on June 13 2014 by gallifreygirl in Actualities

Hi !

I know, I said that I will return in 2 weeks with an article about Sherlock... well, sorry for the Sherlokians, but I'm really, really, I mean, REALLY losing my mind because of my exams that I will pass next week...

Before exams, there is this special week, the one were you're supposed to learn all what your teacher actually teach you (or not.) this year. And this in one week. And we all said 3 months ago that we already start to learn, but reality is a little bit... different. It can be resume in a few word, or titles : Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries, Sherlock Holmes, The Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time, etc, because yeah, I'M A FREAKING NO LIFE GEEK !!!!!! And that's how 5 minutes of pause, because you're out of your mind learning China's history since 1918, are turning into 55minutes (or 2hours because it's a movie).

And now, for Monday, I have the entire program of philosophy, and a half of geography to learn, the sun is shining, my skin is so white that I look like a dead person, I don't have any life, I didn't learn mathematics yet but Freestyle will do it for me, and I'm really tired and really dying, so see you soon, good luck for the ones passing their exams, even if like me you feel like you're totally gonna screw up................... Well, I'm already sleeping so, cheers everyone !!

PS : I know, this post don't really say anything, but it was really good for me to clear up my mind like this !! ;)

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