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The Girl Who Waited For Her Soulmate.

I'm just an 18yo girl, standing in front of a boy and asking him to love me 'till the end of our life we'll spend together.

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  • Hello bloggers !

    23 December 2013 ( #Muse, #Doctor Who, #Whoniverse, #Actualities )

    Hi ! In this first article, I will present myself. First, I'm a french student, and english isn't my first language and I don't speak it well at all (and you must have already seen it in this two sentences). I'm 18 years old and I have a boyfriend that...

  • Now on Twitter !

    05 June 2014 ( #doctor who, #muse, #Whoniverse, #Sherlock )

    Hello guys !! You can join me on Twitter, just follow the link >> here << Hope you like my blog, share it everywhere and I'll see you soon for a new article about Sherlock in a few weeks !! I'm also passing my exams very soon, that's why I'm not here...

  • The Time Of The Doctor - Doctor Who special episode

    25 December 2013 ( #Doctor Who, #Whoniverse, #Actualities )

    So... what's about the latest episode of Doctor Who ? For the ones who didn't seen it, don't even think a moment what I will wrote wouldn't spoil you the all episode. In clear : STOP READING THIS NOW !!!!!! So this is the end of Matt Smith, we will never...

  • #np Muscle Museum - Muse

    18 August 2014 ( #Muse, #Actualities )

    Everything is falling appart. My soul is dying and my body is suffering more than ever. We say it's just 2 weeks. It's been only seven hours since we left each other for 2 weeks but it seems like a billion of years. I miss every piece of you. I miss kissing...

  • New Year is coming !

    24 December 2013 ( #Actualities )

    Hi ! Today I will talk about the new year, who's coming every year, and this... before christmas eve... At first, is it traditional or commercial ? Some people will say traditional, thinking about songs like We wish you a merry christmas who talk about...

  • Exams are going to KILL ME !!!!!

    13 June 2014 ( #Actualities )

    Hi ! I know, I said that I will return in 2 weeks with an article about Sherlock... well, sorry for the Sherlokians, but I'm really, really, I mean, REALLY losing my mind because of my exams that I will pass next week... Before exams, there is this special...

  • Now on Facebook !

    23 December 2013

    You can join me here.